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 Given a large rectangular wooden panel, you want to cut specific quantities of smaller rectangles from it.

to find the maximum number of rectangles that can be orthogonally packed into a larger rectangle:

1) can some maple code replicate this?

2) but what i really want is: what arrangement of a given a number of rectangles (of differing widths and lengths...

This is in a similar vein to the Diet problem (integer programming), but harder.

This guy has solved this problem using 3 programs, Maxima and LPsolveIDE and Excel:

A text file generated by maxima is fed into LPSolveIDE ...


I need a procedure to multiply a fractional number by an integer (n), to produce (the closest) integer (m).

eg 1.333333 * 3 = 3.99999 (4)

i/p fractional number

o/p: n=3, m=4



How can i get maple to substitute z=x^2 into y=x^10-x^8 to produce y=z^5-z^4?


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