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I have a list of records :

S := [`206` = Record(mu = 508.001018040, sigma = 125.002863204708), `4` = Record(mu = 1008.001018040, sigma = 167.707232430134), `2` = Record(mu = 1208.001018040, sigma = 141.512246146314), `5` = Record(mu = 808.001018040, sigma = 117.156800098735)]

How can I extract from S the mu and sd corresponding to a number.

eg input 2 get 1208.001018040,141.512246146314

like this:  rhs(S[3]):-mu, rhs(S[3]):-sigma, (I know from inpection 2 occurs in the 3rd slot but assume i don't know where it occurs). I tried using Search...

Hi... I have a long-expression, which I have abbreviated here. I want every 5th term summed. Included is my code, but I need the unassign command (after point 12) for it to work. The problem is when I unhash and insert this unassign('s','X[4]') command into my actual Table of Records procedure, Maple protests. it gives a cryptic: " Error, `(` unexpected " .
How can I modify the original code to sum every 5th term as efficiently as possible as the thing is a 4000 term expression which I later need to numerically integrate?



Does Maple have the equivalent of the MROUND Excel command?

Or can someone kindly make a procedure.






Hi. Can someone solve for w as a general function of k, without RootOf

w^3+3w^3*(1-w)+6w^3*(1-w)^2=k, k constant

i tried


and also with option explicit (edit)




This Carl Code evaluates fine

MySumP:= (j::integer)->
    seq(combinat:-numbcomb((j+10),(i+10))*p^(j+i)*(1-p)^(j+i), i= 0..0);

[184756*p^10*(1 - p)^10]

But what I would like is whats inside the numbcomb argument to be displayed.

i tried

MySumP:= (j::integer)->
    seq(combinat:-numbcomb(``(j+10),``(i+10))*p^(j+i)*(1-p)^(j+i), i= 0..0)


What i would like displayed: numbbomb(20,10)*p^10*(1-p)^10 or (better) C(20,10)*p^10*(1-p)^10

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