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Hi, is it possible for maple to isolate a variable quotient (with one command)?

i.e. for the expression

eq:= 0 = g-b*v_t/m

-> b/m = g/v_t

I tried this:

isolate(eq, b/m);

and got

"Error, (in isolate) 0 = g-b*vt/m does not contain b/m"

if however I isolate for b and then divide by m i get whats required:

isolate(0 = g-b*v_t/m, b)/m;
b/m = g/v_t

is there a more direct way?


Hi If anyone has the Global Optimization Toolbox loaded, could you crunch the following worksheet to see if a global minima can be found rgds View on MapleNet or Download
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I am trying to numerically solve the equation (1+j/365)^365=1.1 using command: fsolve((1+j/365)^365=1.1,j); or fsolve((1+j/365)^365=1.1,j,0...1); both cause Maple a lot of problems...cycling. I lost patience. Anyone know how to get the answer?
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