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if you put these integrals into Tool...Tutors...Calculus SV ....Integration methods, you get simpler "nicer" answers than when you integrate them directly in a worksheet (even after simplification).

why the difference?


Hi, Can Maples Logic package solve these problems?

How can they be formulated and solved in Maple? rgds

Let's say that the following arguments are true: Some gatekeepers are warriors. Some warriors are cowards. Therefore, we can conclude that some gatekeepers must be cowards. Is this conclusion true or false? answer: F

 Let's say that the following arguments are true: All Parkers are Franks. All Franks are smart. Therefore, we can conclude...

Can someone kindly write me some code to unscramble a jumbled word into english.

eg: input: "atc"; output: "cat",'act".

it will need to invoke the inbuilt dictionary.


given 2 pools of letters, i need a procedure to select from the list of 2 letter permutations the appropriate candidates (that are in the correct order).

permute produces a lot of candidates, but i need an english word formed in the correct order.

attached file should explain



I have this sequence which I would like to find an equation f(n) (using RSolve?).

the independant variable is n.

n=4,5,6....inf (incrementing by 1)


(an even number followed by three subsequent odds and so forth)



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