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What is the fairest way to divide a shelf of books up between n people?


In my annuity recursion formula I have a payment at the beginning of the month.

How can I change the formula to reflect an addition made on a different day of the month?

This could be done in Excel of course, but I am looking for a single formula which rsolve supplies.

I had no joy with Finance:-growingannuity



Can someone figure out why the output does not produce hyperlinked:





(in the same order as Games).


Long time asker of minimization problems here.

Following on from my question on 2D packing.

I found this "solved" problem for packing 3D items efficiently. See Illustration 6.13

Some discrepancies with constraint set-up (first one), number of variables and the optimized solution.



When I export a worksheet table as HTML,MATH EXPRESSIONS: GIF the resulting .html file is 100% readable.


But when i send the html file to myself over email, I get gibberish

The (acer) code for the top is... .....Equation(Standings[id]:-mu &+- Standings[id]:-sigma....

and below opponents rating: ....Cell(Equation(thetable[id][':-losses'][r][1] &+- thetable[id][':-losses'][r][2],......

Anyone shed?

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