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Hi. I have an excel data file.

IDEALLY, I want to import the results of the formula in cells C3:C7.

But it doesn't like it. Reports 0's

When I convert the range to result to values in cells D3:D7 it imports no problem. But I don't want to do this step.

any ideas?






I think this code was written (Joe Riel/C.Love) on Maple 16 platform back in 2013, but I want it to work in my currrent version.

I think I had to set up a compiler, which was a bit of an ordeal.

compiler setup?

I have installed MS Visual Studio. 

Now in Maple I try:


i put vcvars64.bat and vcvarsx86_amd64.bat (from Microsoft Visual Studio folder) in my C:\Program Files\Maple 2017\bin.X86_64_WINDOWS and locate them

I get error

Error, (in Compiler:-Setup) unable to write to initialization file, C:\Program Files\Maple 2017\bin.X86_64_WINDOWS/launch.ini, possibly due to insufficient permissions



What is the fairest way to divide a shelf of books up between n people?


In my annuity recursion formula I have a payment at the beginning of the month.

How can I change the formula to reflect an addition made on a different day of the month?

This could be done in Excel of course, but I am looking for a single formula which rsolve supplies.

I had no joy with Finance:-growingannuity



Can someone figure out why the output does not produce hyperlinked:





(in the same order as Games).

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