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> assume(y::prime)

> about(y);
Originally y, renamed y~:
  is assumed to be: prime

I don't understand this answer:

> is(sqrt(y)>0)


The Li function is defined in Maple as

> FunctionAdvisor(Li, definition)
               [Li(z) = Ei(ln(z)), with no restrictions on (z)]

Special values are known

> FunctionAdvisor(Li, special_values)
Warning: when function identities information is required, only one argument -
the function name - is expected. Extra arguments are being ignored.

Why the "Mean" command of the "Statistics" package gives the correct result with MAPLE 12 and MAPLE 13 and not with MAPLE 14 ?

X := RandomVariable(('Uniform')(-1, 1)):
Y := RandomVariable(('Uniform')(-1, 1)):
pdf := simplify(PDF(sqrt(X^2+Y^2), rho)):
R := RandomVariable(Distribution(PDF = unapply(pdf, rho))):

The mean may be computed using (the answer is correct)
int(rho*pdf, rho = 0 .. sqrt(2)):



I'm using MAPLE 13 on Mac OS X 10.5.8 with a "French keyboard".

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