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Hi, i have some procedure like from 1 to 300 do ........... od; and it has 300 outputs can i make it dissapear? thanks
Hi, I have two question regarding graph. the function is f:=x^3-3*x*y+2*y^2-3*x+4*y+3: I usually work in Classic Worksheet. in exercise 6, it asks me to find the orientation.... i can use mouse to find a "suitable" angle to view the graph, however, what angle should i put in the command? plot3d(f, x=-2..2, y=-2..1,axes=boxed,orientation=[?????]); and anyone have some advice on exercise 7? stationary points are (0,-1) and (3/4,-7/16) thanks
Hi, how can i convert {x=a,y=b} to (a,b) using map? > f:=x^3-3*x*y+2*y^2-3*x+4*y+3: stpts:= solve({diff(f,x) = 0, diff(f,y) = 0},{x,y}); map2(eval,[x,y],[stpts])[]; [0, -1], [3/4, -7/16] i want (0,-1),(-7/16) instead thanks!
Hi, >mystpoint:=proc(f) > local A,B,Cstpts: > > uses Student[MultivariateCalculus]: > stpts:= solve({diff(f,x) = 0, diff(f,y) = 0},{x,y}): > Jacobian(
hi, suppose i have a list s:=[1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9] and i want to know if all the elements are great than zero so the outout "true" is expected in this case and for s2:=[1,-2,3,4,5] "false" is expected. any advice? thanks, CasperYC
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