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Hi. @Scot Gould.

Well, thanks for the reply!

yeah. Right now I'm using it as an user defined variable in the .mapleinit file.

best regards and Happy New Year.

Hi, @Scot Gould.

I'm using the linux version of MapleFlow, so the file is located in $HOME/.maple/2021/mapleflowrc.

And yes, MapleFlow only shows 4 palletes but mapleflowrc lists all the palletes that you can see in Maple.

hi, @Scot Gould.

thanks for the reply. Indeed, it works perfectly in Maple.

But, in MapleFlow, it is strange! If I manually define i:=sqrt(-1) - taking a clue from your reply - I can use i as an imaginary number without any problems (not even a complain that i is already defined as a internal constant/variable!). I can perfome any calculations using this (user) defined i. But, if I use the i from the context popup menu (with the Esc escape key), I get the above mentioned error.

thanks to both Samir and Carl for the promptly replies and explanations!

It worked perfectly!

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