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This was discovered in 1999, but I thought I might share it since Maple was involved. I think it was the largest composite fermat number discovered until that period. http://www.spd.dcu.ie/johnbcos/fermat.htm
I went through a chapter of the title, "Applications of Abstract Algebra With MAPLE", by Richard E. Klima, et al, and worked through the example of a Reed-Solomon Error Correcting Code. I thought I would share this. View 285_Abstract Algebra Application Reed Solomon Code.mw on MapleNet or Download 285_Abstract Algebra Application Reed Solomon Code.mw
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Has anyone here ever been involved with Cambridge's mathematical tripos exams in any way ? For example as an examiner, test taker or coach ? I've always heard of this exam with respect to biographies of famous mathematicians, and to me it's surrounded by a lot of lore and mystery. Does any of the colleges of Cambridge also have the actual tests of many of these famous people archived, dating back from the 17th or 18th century ? v/r,
I'm preparing for the GRE and would like to know if anyone thinks Maple can help ? Has anyone here ever used Maple to prepare for the quantitative section of the GRE ? Is there an application related to the GRE in the maple application center on the maplesoft site ? respectfully,
If anyone is familiar with the partially solved encrypted message in a piece of art on the grounds of the C.I.A, does anyone think Maple would be useful for this problem ? respectfully,
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