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These are questions asked by digerdiga

Why doesn't

f:=ln(s + 2)^2 + 2*polylog(2, -1 - s) + 2*polylog(2, (1 + s)/(s + 2))

simplify to zero assuming s>0?

How do I get Maple to factorize this simple expression without too much effort?

f:=3/2 + sqrt(8*k + 2) + 2*k

So I have this expression


which Maple can not simplify?

I need to do it like this

`assuming`([expand(simplify(add(`~`[simplify]([op(combine(expand((coth(x)^(1/3)-tanh(x)^(1/3))*(coth(x)^(2/3)+tanh(x)^(2/3)+1))))]))))], [x > 1])

Is this actually true or what is happening here?

The integral int(x, x);
Error, missing operator or `;`


So from this


I tried to switch between both modes, but I get the error above. Why does it not work? Do I need to consider something else? I'm switching with F5. The text is red and math is 2d math black.



Also the [CTRL]+[=] doesn't work in this german version, since I would need to press

[CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[=] which doesn't work.


How do I tell maple which branch to choose when calculating an asymptotic series of a RootOf expression. e.g.





Now the series contains RootOf(_Z^6-_Z^5) which occurs in the denominator to order 1/n and thus blows up if 0 is chosen. I know that the solution must be greater zero and smaller than n/2.

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