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I have moved the issue here, since my original post in the "how do I" forum generated no help.

The omexample.c file for calling Maple from C has no make file.

The READEME.txt file in the directory containing omexample.c suggests: "Refer to ?OpenMaple,Examples"

The result of  "?OpenMaple,Examples" does not seem to explicitly specify the required magic to make things work...  Following what appears to be intimated, I typed (to bash):

export MAPLE=/home/dpaddy/bin/maple12

I have been trying to get Maple12 to generate C code to implement the
quadratic formula (to produce a root of a second degree polynomial).

My failure to make any progress leads me to conjecture that even
though C is Turing complete as a programming language, Maple12
believes C is incapable of dealing with complex numbers.

* Is that conjecture correct?

I subsequently attempted to use "Re(x)" and "Im(x)" in two procedures
(the first procedure to return the real part, and the second procedure

I reciently upgraded to maple 12, and am hoping it was not a mistake...  The "problem" is that now xmaple seems to have no clue as to the rules of precedence.  Before the upgrade (I was using 9.5) the expression 5/7*3 evaluated to 15/7 as it should.  Now, xmaple 12 thinks the answer is 5/21.

Is there some sort of download to fix this, or perhaps some "please evaluate using standard rules of precedence" setting I can use so that xmaple 12 is able to do arithmetic at least as well as the old 9.5 version?



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