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I am trying to plot q2:= (x) -> x*exp(x^2)*(1-erf(x)); for 0 <><>plot(q2(x),x=.1..10); then the resulting plot is incorrect. In reading other posts I get the impression that one needs to somehow prevent the plot routine(s?) from following their default behavior of refusing to compute with the
I want to have a procedure define a function... If I do: >with(stats); >does_not_work:= proc(t) local v,d0,d1,x,y; > v = rhs(fit[leastsquare[[x,y], y=d0+d1*x]](t)); >end proc; then > does_not_work([[0,1,2],[3,4,5]]); results in "v = 3 + x" as expected, but if I try to have the procedure define a function d as in >does_not_work:= proc(t) local v,d0,d1,x,y; global d; > v = rhs(fit[leastsquare[[x,y], y=d0+d1*x]](t)); > d:= (x) -> v; >end proc; then > does_not_work([[0,1,2],[3,4,5]]); > d(1); does not result in 4, which should be the result of applying
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