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These are questions asked by dpaddy

How do I make find and replace work?  Currently the replace and find button is grayed out.  What magic gets me into a state where the button can be used?


P.S. Is there any "package" or "mode" or way some how that emacs key bindings can be made to work (including things like find and replace)?  The user interface would be much improved if I knew how to enable that.

How to evaluate a Stieltjes integral ?  I'm not asking for the definition of the Stieltjes integral, I want to know how I can get maple to evaluate one.

I am having trouble with understanding how to use piecewise to define a function f such that

f(x) = 1 whenever the VALUE of x is an integer (thus f((2^(0.5) - 1.0)*(2^(0.5) + 1.0)) = 1).

f(x) = 0 otherwise.


The omexample.c file for calling Maple from C has no make file.

The READEME.txt file in the directory containing omexample.c suggests: "Refer to ?OpenMaple,Examples"

The result of  "?OpenMaple,Examples" does not seem to explicitly specify the required magic to make things work...  Following what appears to be intimated, I typed (to bash):

export MAPLE=/home/dpaddy/bin/maple12


I have a nice function whose graph is approximately quadratic; the plot shows the area under it should be around 1.6

However, it seems Maple thinks the area is 0.1465

Presumably there is something simple I am doing wrong, but I can't see it.

What follows may seem strange -- it is certainly strange to me -- but I need to be able to make integration work with my functions as apposed to the built-in functions one sees in examples...



 Digits:= 64;

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