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Hi everybody,

I've got a numerically computed 2D free energy profile given by a set of 3D points (x_n,y_n,E(x_n,y_n)). I'd like to obtain a fit to those points given by some sufficiently smooth analytical function E(x,y) and subsequently compute the critical points (i.e. local minima, maxima and saddle points). Does anyone know if there is any specific package to do this in Maple 8 (or higher) or else what is the best strategy to do so? Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

does anyone know how to write standard multicolumn numerical data sets generated by a "for" loop into an array of data files with names "dataset%.txt", where % is iteratively given by the value of the loop index? Thanks a lot. 

Hallo everybody,

I am using maple 8. what is the most efficient way for computing the x-values corresponding to local  maxima and minima of a piecewise polynomial in a single variable x (typically an output of the spline command) over a given interval? I´ve also got another question, how can I extract the individual polynomials from the output of a piecewise function to use them for further computations? Thanks

Hallo everybody,

I am using maple 8 to numerically evaluate the roots of a 1d polynomial in a given interval. Does anyone know how to force fsolve to compute all the roots  in a given interval  and  not just a single one. Alternatively, does anyone know if it is possible to specify an interval to compute the roots with the solve command? Thank you in advance.

Hello everybody, does anyone know how to integrate the output of BsplineCurve in maple 8? I can plot it over a given interval, but if I try to perform the corresponding definite integral, I get the following error message: Error, (in int) wrong number (or type) of arguments as opposed to the output of the Spline routine, which can be integrated without problems. Thank you for your help.
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