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The function hypergeom([2/3,2/3,2/3],[-1/3,4/3],z) has radius of convergence 1 and real coefficients.

But Maple tells me evalf(hypergeom([2/3, 2/3, 2/3], [-1/3, 4/3], 99/100),50);

is -138.999 + 0.0012 I

It should be more like −138.9962313171333091754979138344422738025

(Maple 18, version 991181)


G A Edgar

Who knows what Maple does wrong on this one?

T:=Sum(1/(6*k+1)!, k=0..infinity); evalf(T); value(T); evalf(%);

Sum(1/factorial(6*k+1), k = 0 .. infinity)









Download sum.mw

Is this really the answer we want?  

> sum(log(n)/n,n=1..infinity);  

Error, (in Zeta) numeric exception: division by zero  

Today I found that login does not work on MaplePrimes.  I changed my password, but still not.

There is no error, I am just returned to the provious page, still not logged in.

Safari 5.1.2, Mac OS 10.6.8

I had to log in using Firefox to post this!

Here is a simple version of the code:

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