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I wonder if it is possible to create standalone executables in Maple that would run in a  computer without Maple. Also if it is possible can we do that with Matlab code in it too?  


Matlab does not allow to create standalone executable is you use symbolic toolbox and I want to find a solution for that. What I will need to take second derivatives and get the coefficients of polynomials. 

Thank you for the suggestions. Float command helped me a lot for real matrices but when I have imaginary numbers in my matrix it gives me error.  

 after I construct the matrix A I do = implies  Af:= Matrix(A, datatype= float):


That gives me error message ' Unable to store 0.-18844.3412345686*I ' when datatype=sfloat'    is there a solution for that like complex_float "? I  looked at Maple help but I could not find...



I am trying to find a better way calculating the result of an integral ===>

restart; with(linalg); with(LinearAlgebra);
 E := int(1/(1+A*cos(2*Pi*x))^3, x = 0 .. 1);

u := 1; 
F := Vector(10); 
for A from 0.1e-2 by .1 to 1 do 
F[u] := E; 
u := u+1
 end do;
now I am doing only for 10 points but normally...



I am working on a instability problem where I  pose my probkem as a generalized eigenvalue problem. My matrices can reach size 3000x3000. However, even this one 

with(RandomTools); with(LinearAlgebra);
interface(rtablesize = 20);

Digits := 25;
A := RandomMatrix(200, 200);
EigVal := evalf(Eigenvalues(A));

right now running for an hour but still no result. Is there a way to speed up this process? 



I am trying to create a vector like



this one works fine but when I want descending order, i.e,


it is not working. I would appreciate the suggestions.




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