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These are questions asked by escorpsy

Hi guys ,


I have the equation dt=(L/r)*(1 - a^3/r^3)^(-1/2) dr which want to integrate on both side and then solve in terms of r.(L and a are constants). I know the answer (r=a (cosh(3t/2*L)^2/3),but it seems maple can not produce it!


Mathematical almost compute it corectly! altough i think  tanh-1, should be cosh^-1(x/a)^3/2


I would appreciate if someone can help me




Thanks so

Hi guys,

an error appeared in solving a set of equations and plotting the solution, I dont know how to handle it!!

Thanks for your help


Hi guys,

I have problem with doing a complicated integral ! 

Thanks for your help.


Hello guys, 

I have a probelm with computing an integral by maple. I dont know why maple cannot compute.

Thank you for your attention


Hello guys, I want to compute Einstein tensor components of Kerr metric, but it seems there are some problems with computing.


Thank you for your

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