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Dear all, in Maple Help exists the documentation of how to use the OpenMaple API Library. But I didn't found a link where to download the necessary libraries. I found e.g. the library maple-0.17.4.jar but it doesn't contain com.maplesoft.openmaple.*


Tahnks for help

Dear all, how can I simplify the following command by using nested SEQ?

tagsCornersPlot := textplot3d([[seq(cornerPoints[1 .. dim, 1]), cornerPoints[1 .. dim, 1]], [seq(cornerPoints[1 .. dim, 2]), cornerPoints[1 .. dim, 2]], [seq(cornerPoints[1 .. dim, 3]), cornerPoints[1 .. dim, 3]], [seq(cornerPoints[1 .. dim, 4]), cornerPoints[1 .. dim, 3]]], align = {above, right}, font = [Courier, bold, 20])

Dear all, how can I plot the edge coordinates of a 2d plane?

Dear all,

the BlockCopy command is a miracle for me that I don't understand. Is there an easier command or an easy to understand documentation?


Dear all, I'm new with maple. How can I extend an existing matrix?

XX := Matrix(2, 4, [[1, 1, 1, 1], [2, 2, 2, 2]])

extend(XX,1,0,0) # doesn't work

Thanks for help

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