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These are questions asked by goli

Dear Guys

How can I plot a fieldplot with a boundary. For example I can plot

> fieldplot([y, -sin(x)-(1/10)*y], x = -1 .. 1, y = 0 .. 1);

but I want to see the field plot only in the region x^2+y^2<=1.

Thanks a lot 


I have a differential equation. I can solve it using dsolve and plot it with odeplot. For example I obtain P(x).

I also have another equation. For example V in terms of x. So, I can plot it with plot(V).

Now I want to plot V in terms of P. How can I do that?

Thanks for your help

Dear Guys

I want to solve this integral by maple:

p := sqrt(ln(t)*(ln(t))^(-2))*t^(-1)*(1-(ln(t))^(2)/(t^2))^(-1/4);

I used these expressions, but they don't work:

int(p, t);


int(simplify(p, symbolic), t);

Could you please guide me?


Dear guys

I have an integral. I want to solve it by maple, but I can't. I think it's result is a hypergeometric function. Could you please guide me?


I want to solve this for "t".


Dear guys. I want to solve this equation analytically:

diff(Q(t),t)^2 = ln(t)^(b) + b*ln(t)^(b-1)

I think it is impossible. So I assumed that diff(Q(t),t)^2 = diff(P(t),t) and now I can solve it for P(t) easily. I obtained:

P(t) = t*ln(t)^(b)

Now, I want to know that there is anyway to obtain Q(t) using the latter relation and  diff(Q(t),t)^2 = diff(P(t),t) ?

Also I have a function as V(P)=P^(-2). What can I say about the behaviour of V(Q)?

Thanks a lot.

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