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These are questions asked by guras

I want to solve the int((y4+by2+c)-1/2,y)-x and find y=h(x), where b and c are constants s.t. c>b2/4. Maple gives me complex Jacobi elliptic function as a result. But I am not sure that this integral has complex value. Am I doing something wrong or the result is really a complex valued function? Thanks.

Indeed my main question is: Plot y=y(u) where we have these two relations: int((y4+by2+c)-1/2,y)=x and find y=h(x). Then evaluate int((h(x)-B)-1/2,x)=u and find x=g(u). By using these relations plot y=y(u). :)

Here B is an arbitrary constant, but if necessary we can define a value for it. All the variables and constants are real.

I hope I manage to express myself. Thanks again.


I want to plot a function f(v). But I could not find the explicit form of f(v). I know the function f(u) where u satisifies the relation int(h(u),u)=v for known function h(u). But unfortunately, Maple could not help to solve the integral i.e. I could not find u in terms of v. Under these conditions, is it possible to plot f(v) by using Maple?



 While calculating an integral including complex numbers, I have encountered with the output "undefined if a+ib>0". What does this mean?A complex number bigger than zero???

I have a solution with RootOF(_Z^6+....). I do not need to find the roots explicitly(I know that I should use 'allvalues' to find the roots). My question is "Is it okay if I use RootOF(...) expression in another equation without finding the roots explicitly? I mean does RootOF(_Z^6+...) stand for all its roots and can it be used for each roots?"

Thank you in advance.

SADE is a package used for symmetry analysis of differential equations. I downloaded the package from the link But unfortunately, I even couldn't execute the examples given by the authors of the SADE. Please inform be about installing the package in Maple 14.

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