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The attached worksheet contains expressions that cause a warning message to appear in my worksheet.  In another post it was suggested that the variable i should be explicitly declared local in the definition of the arrow expression. However, as shown in the same worksheet, this gives rise to an error message. Subsequently, I found a statement in help that suggested this approach would not work in 2-d math notation.  Are there any other ways of eliminating these warnings in 2-d math notation?


I am composing a note using a maple document to demonstrate how the  mathematics from a text (that I find rather dense) can be unfolded into actual calculations using Maple.   My problem is to relate a typeset expression to actual Maple notation that bears no resemblance to the formal expression.

What I would like to do is to convert the typeset notation into a maple name which I can then associate with the calculation written in the functional notation.  For example, the quantity

|A0|2 := leftcontract(reverse(A0),A0);

When I use convert(|A0|2, name);   The result is abs(A[0] ^2 ) which isn’t typeset.

Similarly, the use of single left quotes around the expression as in ` |A0|2 ` it produces an error message when I test the result.  

type( ` |A0|2 ` ,name);
 Error, mismatched or missing bracket/operator

Admittedly, for ordinary calculations, just using any convenient name is more than satisfactory. However, in this case, where I’m trying to link together formal mathematical notation with the Maple operations it implies, being able to link the calculations to a special typeset same would be useful.

I am working with expressions resulting from maple calculations that are 3-4 lines long, but I have to make a term-by-term comparison between one calculation and another. I would like to interweave the results of the two calculation so that one is above the other allowing direct comparison. It would also be nice to break up the expressions into pieces.  Unfortunately, I have gone as far as I can using maple directly.  The only solution I have come up with is to convert the expressions into Tex, copy them to a Tex editor and manipulate the expressions.  Unfortunately, Tex markup makes it difficult interpret the terms. 

Has anyone come up with another method to manually manipulate the output from maple calculations.

I have attached some screenshots of the display in Maple 2021 which seem to appear after Maple has been up for an extended period of time (seemingly 3+ hours). The odd characters are not present when the tabs are initially opened, and the problem disappears for awhile after a restart.  Generally, I have not noticed a similar problem in Maple 2020.  However, the corruption of the output affects not only user created worksheets, but also help pages and examples opened from help as can be seen in the image below.

FYI I am using M2021 on an HP Omen gaming laptop that is several years old, but has been updated (drivers and windows)  as they become available.

Reviewing the help Physics Examples worksheet Section 1, subsection 5 a transformation between cartesion and spherical coordinates is defined using the command ChangeCoordinates from the Physics[Vectors] package. This command is described briefly as follows in the Updates, Maple 2015, Physics page:

"New command: ChangeCoordinates, to rewrite an algebraic expression, using Cartesian, cylindrical, and spherical coordinates, an expression that involves these coordinates, either a scalar expression, or vectorial one but then not changing the orthonormal basis."

However, when I use the link to the ChangeCoordinates help page, the link simply loops back to the Updates, Maple 2015, Physics page.  Is there a specific help page for the ChangeCoordinates command?

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