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Since I installed Maple 2021 I have noticed a problem with the left corner of the menu and toolbar.  See the screenshot attached. I don't know if this is a general problem in Win10 or is this a problem with my installation.

Attached is a worksheet containing a simple assignment that gives an "illegal use of an object as a name" error. I created the superscripted name in the following way.

1)  type b.

2) click on the Insert|Typesetting|Superscript  item in the insert menu.

3) enter 1 at the cursor in the superscript position.

4)  the result is a name b with superscript 1, but this symbol does not constitute a valid name for an assignment.


Parse:-ConvertTo1D, "first argument to _Inert_ASSIGN must be assignable"

Error, illegal use of an object as a name





Download errorws.mw

My question is whether any special interest groups exist in the Maple Cloud?  If so, is there a public listing of these groups?

I have created a set of help files using the example templates. After I create the .help file and install it with my package, I can view the help pages in the help viewer. However, when I click on any link within a help page, the target page opens as a worksheet in Maple. I understand this is because I created the hyperlink with a worksheet as the target. However, I don't know where to obtain the help topic name for a help page before it has been created.  I have searched help, but can't find any applicable guidance.  Can anyone tell me how to determine the help topic name when first creating the help pages.

I have attached one of my help file worksheets.     Hlpdiracmatrices.mw

I have loaded a series of worksheets into a help file using the makehelp command and installed in my toolbox package. Except for one of them, the worksheets appear in the help browser as worksheets instead of help files. Whenever I select one of them, it opens in maple as a worksheet. I would like to control whether a given help file opens as a worksheet or opens as a help.  I have read the helptools help and the help page for makehelp, but have been unable to identify the setting that determines which mode the help file operates in. Please advise what I am missing here.

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