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These are questions asked by ianmccr

The attached worksheet is a stripped down version of some notes I am creating concerning the solution of vector equations in geometric algebra.  For the purposes of explanation it is best to show the math in its conventional typeset form before showing how to solve the equations in maple. The non-excutable math is in the text which is contained in a paragraph inserted before the execution group. In the first instance, the typesetting engine seems content to leave the text alone, but in the second case (which I created in the same way) it insists on parsing the equations and generating errors. I have tried repeatedly to make the second set of equations non-executable (since in maple terms they are nonsense) to no avail.
Can anyone suggest how I can use maple's text features to make the explanatory text inert.

Note that I have included the calls to my geometric algebra module in case they have some relevance to the problem, but they will not execute without the module.

Sample worksheet:  nonexecmatherror.mw

Since I installed Maple 2021 I have noticed a problem with the left corner of the menu and toolbar.  See the screenshot attached. I don't know if this is a general problem in Win10 or is this a problem with my installation.

Attached is a worksheet containing a simple assignment that gives an "illegal use of an object as a name" error. I created the superscripted name in the following way.

1)  type b.

2) click on the Insert|Typesetting|Superscript  item in the insert menu.

3) enter 1 at the cursor in the superscript position.

4)  the result is a name b with superscript 1, but this symbol does not constitute a valid name for an assignment.


Parse:-ConvertTo1D, "first argument to _Inert_ASSIGN must be assignable"

Error, illegal use of an object as a name





Download errorws.mw

My question is whether any special interest groups exist in the Maple Cloud?  If so, is there a public listing of these groups?

I have created a set of help files using the example templates. After I create the .help file and install it with my package, I can view the help pages in the help viewer. However, when I click on any link within a help page, the target page opens as a worksheet in Maple. I understand this is because I created the hyperlink with a worksheet as the target. However, I don't know where to obtain the help topic name for a help page before it has been created.  I have searched help, but can't find any applicable guidance.  Can anyone tell me how to determine the help topic name when first creating the help pages.

I have attached one of my help file worksheets.     Hlpdiracmatrices.mw

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