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I have a complex transfer function.  I've defined everyting as "real" via:

assum := Rsrc::real, C1::real, Lp::real, C2::real, f::real, RL::real, 0 < Rsrc, 0 < C1, 0 < Lp, 0 < C2, 0 < RL, 0 < f

I'm expecting simplify to reduce the following transfer function so that the denominator is real, but I can't get it to do it:

I have every variable defined as real, so I am not sure why it won't simplify this expression.


Thank you



I can't figure out how to import a netlist into Syrup. 

I get errors (for the different attempts)-- the latest one  being, "Error, (in sprintf) insufficient parameters for algebraic format"

this is the netlist.load_imp_calc.txt

I had to change it to ".txt" so I could upload it here. Pleae rename to ".cir" 



I have a transfer function:

xfer_mag := 1/sqrt((-1.0000 + 1.0772*10^(-14)*f^2)^2 + (1.9665*10^(-20)*f^3 - 3.6181*10^(-6)*f)^2)


if I do:  semiplotplot(20*log[10](xfer_mag),f=10..30e6) I get :


but if I do: plot(20*log[10](xfer_mag), f = 10 .. 0.30e6), and then use the menu options to the right to change the axes properties to Log, I get this:


what is going on here?  why is the magnitude not the same ?

Download demo.mw


I solve for a transfer function using Syrup, and want to operate on the Real part and Imagninary parts separately.  I've added "assumes" statements for every variable:  

assume(Rsrc, real);
assume(C1, real);
assume(Lp, real);
assume(C2, real);
assume(f, real);
assume(RL, real);
additionally(0 < Rsrc, 0 < C1, 0 < Lp, 0 < C2, 0 < RL, 0 < f);


When I then do something like :

instead of gettting just the real part of the expression, I get :


as if one of the variables was still not assumed to be Real.  I'm not sure where all the '~' are coming from ---is that the issue?


I apologize, I can't insert content for some reason..., although I can add the worksheeet.

After I define a Ckt (a ladder network) such as :

Ckt := [v1(4), R1(50) &+ L2(0.9600), Cp(0.8200), L1(0.5000) &+ R2(0.2000), RL(1.3430) &+ LL(0.1550)]

How would I then use the value of R1 as defined above, for example, in a subsequent calculation?

Assuming the results from Solve are in (sol,rest), how can I use R1 (defined in Ckts)as a variable  --something like:

P_R1_ave := (abs(eval(v[R1], rest))/sqrt(2))^2/Ckt[R1]



BTW, I can no longer "insert contents" .  I get the following error:

Maple Worksheet - Error

Failed to load the worksheet /maplenet/convert/t-match_impedance.mw .

I have no idea what may have changed --perhaps something on our server?

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