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Here's the worksheet.....I'm not sure what happened that last time.


Thank you


@Joe Riel Hi, thank again for your support.  I thought I had tried that, but I must have had some other issue then  because readding the * to the first line got me over the "algebraic format" error.  I think I have something that works now....Thank you.

@mmcdara very instructive response.  Thank you!!

@Joe Riel hi, yes - I defined impedance, then intended to use the Im(Z) to get the reactance.  I did find a few mistakes which I lster corrected - snd figured out how to make the subs and solve the equations.  All good.


thank you for the help!

@acer Thank you for your help.    What is the reason assume was not working in my case?  Is there any time when I should use one  vs. the other, or should I always use assuming?


Also, off-topic but par to the same worksheet,


how to I do something like this:

solve(subs(f=13.56e6, algosubs(Lp=186/(2*Pi*f),Q=50, eq2),Rsrc). 

just trying to sove eq2 substituting values for f and Lp, and Q.

Ultimately, I'd like to solve for Rsrc, C1, and C2, given f, Lp, and Q, using eq1, eq2, and xfer_re=some amplitude

 I'm struggling with how to do this.


Thank you

@Joe Riel  that is awesome. Thank you.

What documentation do I look at to learn more about what Syrup can do? 

and...these types of commands:

map(f -> op(0,f) = op(f), indets(Ckt, 'function(numeric)'));
subsindets(Ckt, 'function(numeric)', f -> (op(0,f)));


I guess these are Maple instructions, right? --- other than looking into each instruction individually (eg. map, --> , indets, subsindets, etc), is there something that documents something like what you did here to transform Ckts into ckts?

@Joe Riel   thank you.  I don't understand fully how the conversion bit was done, but I will work through it.  


In the last line, 

(**) subs(Syrup:-Solve(ckt), v[4]);
                                              3  3  6      2  2  4          2
                                             C  L  s  + 6 C  L  s  + 9 C L s  + 1

I'm having trouble understanding what I'm looking at.  What am I looking at in the denominator? I see the component values in  s....oh! wait, the 3 3 6 2 2 4 and 2 are the exponents to the  C's, L's, and s's ---just looked weird!  never mind.  Thank you!

@tomleslie I appreciate the example you provided above.  I like the ladder syntax  for simple circuits because it makes it easy to find any mistakes.  But, I agree, for more complex circuits, I would probably use the Spice netlist format.

The example you provided covers a lot of the most common things that I typically use Maple for (filter design, frequency response, etc -- obtaining transfer functions and plotting frequency responses out.  Thank you  --it is a nice referene for me to  refer to going forward.




thank you for your help.  

What I was trying to do was pretty basic --solve the ladder network for the node voltages and then plot each node voltage as a function of the input.  I was having difficulties using or operating on the individual  results of solve (all the node votlages in the variable sol) --basically what you are doing in the eval statements --I eventually figured it out.

Download pi_network_anal.mw

In your solution example, where/how do you substitute j*w for s and solve for the magnitude and or phase?  I don't understand what you're plotting.

Thanks again - your example helps me familiarize myself more with Syrup and how to do things in different ways 

@Joe Riel 

Thank you...got it working.


@Joe Riel Hello,

I'm trying to use Syrup and I'm having trouble figuring out how to use the results from Solve.  i was able to do it once, but I deleted it ,and cna't figure it out again! ugh!


after I solve the ckt using (sol,rest):=Solve(Ckt,'returnall'), I get all the node voltages on variable sol.

Download pi_filter_syrup_anal.mw

I then want to extract each node voltage, evaluate it substituting  s=j*2*pi*f, f=13.56e6, and plot a few of these on the same plot.  I can't figure out how to grab v2, for example, and evaluate it.  I've tried :


eval(subs(s=j*2*pi*f,sol[v2]), eval(subs(s=j*2*pi*f*v(v2))), etc...but can't get any of them to work.

BTW, I can't seem to import links to the code on here.   I used to be able, but now I can't ; I don't know what has changed...I get this error :

Maple Worksheet - Error

Failed to load the worksheet /maplenet/convert/pi_filter_syrup_anal.mw .


Thank you in advance for any help.










@Joe Riel How do I install the package? from the Intro.mw, it says, "

Execute the following command to install Syrup.


but I get an error "Error,  (in PackageTools:-Install) cannot find package file," 

I suspect "this" should be something else - I tried Syrup, but it didn't work.  

I apologize if these are stupid questions --I'm pretty new to Maple...


Thank you  

@Joe Riel --I just downloaded it.  Very cool.  Thank you.

@tomleslie --yeah- I still struggle with the syntax.  Thank you.  I thought I had tried with and without, but anyway.  Thank you for your worksheet....



@Joe Riel , I am not familiar with it.  I will look into it --looks pretty intuitive.  Thank you!


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