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Most of the worksheets in the maple application center with embedded components do not allow the implicit codes to be seen. Right clicking on the component property (edit click action) does show the codes.

Can anyone please tell me how to have access to these codes in other to see the interaction between the different components (table, plot, bottoms,etc)? Thank you very much.


Hi, this question is for Samir Kahn or other maplesoft staff.

Is there a way to use modelica biochem or any other chemical path library into maplesim? Do you plan to integrate this library in future versions of maplesim? Wolfram systemModeler has this library already integrated as does symbiology in matlab. Mr Kahn, I hope that your background in chemical engineering help you push for this new development in maplesim and help this product be even better than the competion. thank you and let me know as soon as possible.



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