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Hi, i want to overload the operators of union, intersection etc. But i do not know how to start this. kindly provide basic help. thanks.

I am in a class of combinatorics following two definitions are to be coded in Maple. I have done my best but could not. Kindly help.

Def 1:    Let M=[mij] be a matrix of type m×n, whose entries are subsets of a set A.
Def 2:    A set matrix M is said to be a partition matrix of set A if:

    1. mir∩mis=φ, for every i,r,s, such that r≠s;
    2. m

I used rand() to get a list of random numbers between 0 and 1. It gives me something like

[.30000000, .50000000, .20000000]

But I want this to be like [.3,.5,.2]. As my code tells that both the above lists are unequal !!! How ? kindly explain me.



Suppose I have two lists of equal length, namely List1 and List2, whose elements are numbers from the list M=[0,.1,.2,.3,.4,.5,.6,.7,.8,.9,1]: Both the lists have to satisfy following condition: List1[x]+List2[x]
Hi, If a sentence (as a string) is given with uneven number of spaces in it, how can we smooth it out so that every word is followed by exactly one space. I think this would be solved by Regular Expression in patmatch, but exactly I don't know. Kindly help me. Thanks.
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