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I have two sets A={a,b,c} and B={w,x,y,z}. I have to make sets like following

{(w,{a,c}), (y,{a,b,c}), (z,{b})}

 How I can know the total number of such sets from A and B?

Hi, how we can get the min of two real-valued piecewise continuous functions as another piecewise function. To me Maple responded with min(fn1,fn2), which I dont need. Plz hep.

Hi, I want to carry out set-theoretic operations on real-line intervals.  For example

> [2,5] intersect [3,7];

Is there any package available for this and interval arithmetics?


Hi, I have a table of tables like the following one.

fss:= [{a, b, c}, table([e4 = table([a = .4, b = .7, c = 1]), e1 = table([a = .2, b = 0, c = .1]), e2 = table([a = .1, b = 1, c = .4])]), {e1, e2, e3, e4}];

Now I want to compute fss[2][e4][b]/2.0 but Maple does not recognize table entry as a number. What I should do? What is the reason for this behaviour?


Hi, I am facing a problem to copy the Maple output into SWP5.0. When I paste the output, generated by 


in SWP it remains mere ASCII. Kindly guide me. Thanx.

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