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@Kitonum thank at all by I don't need number value but simply until I have expression whit only sin(alpha)


image no inductor which value I attemp in the right? I dont know about left influence the right. you can send me the scheme with probe values (no inductor)?i can change i0 but is not automatic?@Joe Riel 

@Joe Riel yes but why the values are zero.I hope a bit of current and voltage.

yes I want know current and voltage in probe 5 @Joe Riel 

I have the same problem with 3.2.2. also I try to import model but I have "failed import",help me please

@Kitonum i need now volume equation not in polar coordinate.that's better than surface equation, please

@Kitonum can you give me the equation of above solid like this about cylinder, please?thanks

@Kitonum  z^2+y^2=1, x^2+y^2=1

I have similar problem.I have two solid (.stl format), I need the eqaution of intersection solid, can you helm me?please

ps: maybe this help you

@Rouben Rostamian  what mean stability?that pendulum oscillates or the position increse much?

one exe is this but up/down, and I need to put force,


@Rouben Rostamian  In my model I need right joint about spring and pendulum and adding force, can You help me please?prova_nunziante.msim

@Thomas Richard  I want animation about these example, how do I do?How circular spring?

@ThU thanks 

i need tipical torque (costant, after down at power costant, and so on), i think i need controller or modify the i can plot inductance or modify it?

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