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thx in advance.

I want to solve two equations with all roots.


I have a problem in determine the relation between two variables in a polynomial equation f(l2,v)=0. The results of two methods puzzled me.
The first method I tried is use the fsolve command.
In equation f(l2,v)=0,the range for v is [3405,5054] and l2 is a complex variable.
I plotted the figure for the l2=l2(v) in complex plane.Because the degree of l2 is 8, I have eight curves in the figure.
Obviously, the order in the result of fsolve is indefinite, so it can...


the command above makes a figure which has a hole(means discontinuity) at the (0,0).

is it a bug?

athlon 4400+,2GB RAM,win xp 32.

still have problems,
f := proc (x) options operator, arrow; piecewise(0 <= x and x < 4, 50, 4 <= x and x < 5, 0, 5 <= x, f(x-5)) end proc;

plot(proc (t) options operator, arrow; evalf(Int(f, 0 .. t, epsilon = 0.1e-3, digits = 15)) end proc, 0 .. 20);

in the above figure,there is a discont point in the interval [16..18],but in fact,it's a continuous curve.

how to use fsolve deal with two periodic functions?

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