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In the help, a structure block diagram is given under the DynamicSystems[SystemConnect] command for the explaination of the use for the general connection,

that's intuitive and gives clear connections among every structure block,

so, I wonder whether there is a method to build that diagram or similar fig using the GraphTheory package,

that will be amazing,

is there a method? I want to know how to get it.

I want to export a figure,

whatever the format I select, for example bmp,

I found that the resolution of that exported bmp file is fixed 400*400,

how can I change the resolution with a command,

because of its precise control,

help me,

thank you in advance.

plots[implicitplot](tan(x*sqrt(cp^2/3220^2-1))*(cp^2/3220^2-2)^2+4*tan(x*sqrt(cp^2/6450^2-1))*sqrt((cp^2/3220^2-1)*(cp^2/6450^2-1)) = 0, x = 0 .. 14, cp = 0 .. 7000, gridrefine = 7, signchange = false),

the command above can't give me the whole figure, it lost some points in [0,3.5(approximation)],

can someone help me,

thank you very much

I want to determine the domain of definition for an expression using a command,

but i can't find it in the help,

can someone help me,

thanks in advance.

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