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These are questions asked by maple fan to plot a equation include two complex variables?

e.g.,0.1501071588582623569e-19 * s1 ^ 2 - 0.1770422954406499377e-11 * s1 ^ 2 * s2 ^ 2 + 0.1526369514180028298e-19 * s2 ^ 2 - 0.8979700309848614490e-12 * s1 ^ 4 - 0.9507487955845430138e-12 * s2 ^ 4 + 0.4941234607542336257e-4 * s1 ^ 4 * s2 ^ 2 + 0.5029096170369867504e-4 * s1 ^ 2 * s2 ^ 4 + 0.1631266049971375518e-4 * s1 ^ 6 + 0.1557291987414385136e-4 * s2 ^ 6 - 0.3925287034197085366e3 * s1 ^ 6 * s2 ^ 2 - 0.5855115617172747465e3...

first, thank you for reminding me, acer.

2nd, I received a mail that someone posted a new comment, but now I can't find my post, where is it?

3rd, can someone tell me how to ask an old question if no one answers for that question?

thank you in advance.

my old question is here:

I have two system of differential equations, the first one is implicit differential equations and the second one is BVP problem.

Maple can't give answers for both of them.

Can you help me ,Numerical approach is very appreciated.

thank you in advance.

I want to calculae the value of "Z" shape strip resistor like below. One end is AB and the other is FG,the thickness is t.
I want to use the Schwarz-Christoffel Mapping for this problem,"Z" shape to rectangle.
I have already find the map from rectangle to half plane,exp function.
But I can't find the analytic form relation from half plane to the "Z" shape.
Can you help me,please?
Thank you in advance.


 Hello, everyone,
I have two problems in my worksheet.
First, when I specified the value of "s1" for a smaller number, for example 1e-5 or 1e-6, the imaginary part of "an" tends to infinity or -infinity, however, it should be finite.
Second, the value of "an" is instable when specific value of "s1" is choosen. For example, in the attached worksheet, s1=1.9e-4, the value of "an" will be changed when you click "!!!" button several times(that means execute the entire worksheet).

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