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Does maple use the acml,

it is almost that in every version the Intel MKL is the latest

how to rewritten the PDEs to the matrix form like the following in Maple



There are two data txt files:x0-y0.txt and x1-y1.txt,every one has two columns.
So, two functions can be made from the data,named y0=y0(x0) and y1=y1(x1).
I just want (y0-y1)/y0 at the same x coordinate.
Because it's too difficult to get it directly,I choose the curve fit method.
First,I used the command CurveFitting[ThieleInterpolation] to get two functions.
And then pointplot the (y0-y1)/y0 at the same x0 coordinate.
Surprisingly,the plot is discontinued.

1.For win 8, does there exist an arm version maple in future?

2.Will it possible to use gpu acceleration for symbolic computation in maple?

In the help, a structure block diagram is given under the DynamicSystems[SystemConnect] command for the explaination of the use for the general connection,

that's intuitive and gives clear connections among every structure block,

so, I wonder whether there is a method to build that diagram or similar fig using the GraphTheory package,

that will be amazing,

is there a method? I want to know how to get it.

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