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# Bending Moment Envelope Curve for Isostatic Two-Span Beam



PD:= proc (L1, L2, L3, N)

local l, R, Y, M, M1, M2, V:

R[1]:= piecewise(x <= L1, (L1-x)/L1, 0):




solve([add(R[i], i = 1 .. 3) = 1, add(R[j]*add(l[i], i = 1 .. j), j = 2 .. 3) = x], [R[2], R[3]]):


R[3]:= rhs(`%%`[1][2]):

M1:=piecewise(y <= add(l[i], i = 1 .. 2), R[1]*y, `and`(add(l[i], i = 1 .. 2) < y, y <= add(l[i], i = 1 .. 3)), R[1]*y+R[2]*(y-add(l[i], i = 1 .. 2))):

M2:=piecewise(y <= x, 0, x-y):

for Y to N do eval(M1+M2, y = Y*add(l[j], j = 1 .. 3)/N):


end do:

pointplot(`<,>`(seq(i*add(l[j], j = 1 .. 3)/N, i = 1 .. N)), `<,>`(seq(M[i], i = 1 .. N)), color = red, symbol = asterisk):

display(%, axis = [gridlines = [10, color = black]], size = [700, "golden"], axesfont = [Times, 16])

end proc:


I use some commands like the evalf[10]

But they don't work for the definite double integral in attached file.

It leads to "Error, (in type/algfun) too many levels of recursion"

Please help me to find the answer

Thank You Very Much



I have two equations as follows:

The goal is finding the parameter 'phi'. This parameter is a positive real numeric constant.

I uploaded two files that they are included two methods to solve the problem.

Is method in the first file mathematically logical? If it is a correct method, why the command fsolve dosent work?

In file 2, we have 2 equations with further indeterminantes. The constant 'phi' must be minimum possible amount. How we can use the commands like the Minimize in Optimization? Please hint me.

Moreover, if there is a method to solve this problem please help me to know.

Thank you very much 




I need to solve below integro-differential equation

0.3846153846*(diff(F(x, y), y, y))+diff(F(x, y), x)-(diff(w(x), x, x))*y-(1/2)*(int(diff(F(x, y), x), y = -1 .. 1))+diff(F(x, y), x, x)-(diff(w(x), x, x, x))*y-(1/2)*(int(diff(F(x, y), x, x), y = -1 .. 1))

The solution is as follows:

(diff(w(x), x))*y-_C1*y/exp(x)-(1923076923/5000000000)*_c[2]*x*y+_C2*y+(1/6)*_c[2]*y^3+_C4*y+_F1(x)


The parameters _C1, _C2, c[2], C4 are functions of x, or functions of y? Or these parameters are constant numbers? 

In addition to, is it reasonable to use C *y instead of _C2*y+_C4*y ?


Thank you



Please find the attachment

It seems a singularity has been occurred at left end point for n less than unit (say n=0.5, n>0)

Is there a way to fix it?

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