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I want to calculate

Lim x-->1+ ([X2]-1)/([X]-1)

I let  x=1+c  and  c-->0 then we have [X2]=[c2+2c+1]=[2c]+1

Lim x-->1+ ([X2]-1)/([X]-1) = Lim c-->0+ [2c]/[c]

Maple shows the both limitations equal to zero

I want know how maple claculates it

I need to minimize an Integration

Is there a package or an interactive package management utilities?


How can I obtain series expansion of a known mathematical function? for example I Need a command to get a formula for expansion of Bessel function as bellow

I want to draw plots with big numbers in axes

but when I change font sizes it dont work

please help me


eta := 3:
beta := t[1]*(H-t[1])/H^2:
for i from 5 to 10 do H := i:
PL[i] := plot((t[1]^4+2*eta*beta*(2-beta)*H^4+eta^2*(H-t[1])^4)/(eta*(H-t[1])+t[1]), t[1] = 0 .. H, y = 0 .. 3000, color = black, axesfont = [Font(14), Font(14)], size = [560, 500]) end do:
with(plots): display({seq(PL[j], j = 5 .. 10)})



When I use below cmmand within conditional statements or proc loops, It dosent work

How can I use a similar command to export plot as an Image with arbitrary format under any circumstances?

plotsetup(bmp, plotoutput = `Pic.bmp`, plotoptions = `height=400,width=400`); NCP; (NCP has a plot structure)

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