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Thank you for your help

print shows plot structure as an embedded image in maple file

But I want to save a lot of plots as images in a folder

I want do that only by using run and whitout using right-click for each plot


Thank you for your explains



thank you for your help

I dont know why CAT shows j instead of amount of j

Is there another command that shows amounts of j?

with(plottools): with(plots):

display(seq({line([X[B[i]], Y[B[i]]], [X[EN[i]], Y[EN[i]]]), plots:-textplot({[X[B[i]], Y[B[i]], typeset(``(X[B[i]], Y[B[i]]))], [X[EN[i]], Y[EN[i]], typeset(``(X[EN[i]], Y[EN[i]]))]}, color = blue, align = left)}, i = 1 .. NE), seq(TEXT([.5*(X[B[j]]+X[EN[j]]), .5*(Y[B[j]]+Y[EN[j]])], 'cat("Element ", j)', ALIGNBELOW, ALIGNRIGHT), j = 1 .. NE), axes = none))

@Markiyan Hirnyk 

I forget to re-assign result into U

@Carl Love 


@Markiyan Hirnyk 

Thanks for your help

This command dont display u(t) but in calculations u(t) is considered


I find  ' Import() '  command




Thanks for your more compact form of sequence command.


Thank you

@Carl Love 

Everything about text options is in here

Thank you

@Carl Love 

Thank you for your hint

Is in Maple something like to screenTip (similar to HTML codes)?


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