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These are questions asked by meakiner


Dear Sir,

I attached an example file to this email via speedyshare, please check it out, also please see the following pasted warning message from that file.

My analysis gives a warning. Though I have results that look reliable, it is nasty to receive this kind of warning...

Actually what this warning means?
Does it affect the results badly?
How about reliability...


Please see the solution output in blue color, there are 7 answers seperated by commas

Can you please help me:

1 - What "0.0000591392596494206" stands for?

2 - What "the matrix 4 rows by 1 column" stands for?


3 - What "460" stands for?




Dear Maple Users

I am looking for specific answer, please see the following code,

by trial and error I estimated proper values for 4 parameters, and corresponding equations become close to zero.

However I need to make it automatically via maple, what can I do?

If I give ranges for parameters, there is no answer existed.

Thank you.

you can download worksheet from the below:

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