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i have a problem with readstat, when using proc , the readstat command returns some errors and do not complete the reading procedure, but without using proc, it is ok, what should i do ? is this a bug?


hi every one, i want to plot an indefinite integral  , it is some what complex and maple can not compute the answer, ( but numeric integration can be computed) , but we want to plot the output, what should we do ? tnx for help in advance

how can we compute wighted norm of a matrix or a vector in maple? 

on the basis of Fundamental theorem of calculus, the function " f " has Antiderivative F , whichi F is continuous and differentiabe in the range of integration, i have a question ? if function f has an Antiderivative F, should it be also continuous and differentiabe in that range? in the picture below it says "when f is continuous", can f be discontinuous? how it can be ? any examples?

#first_question :how can i solve set of nonlinear ODEs,faster or using any packages ?
#second_question :what can be some boundary conditions for this type of nonlinear ODEs? how many BCs are required for this set of nonlinear ODEs? ( to use numeric solution)





diff(diff(N(r), r), r)+2*(diff(N(r), r))/r+(diff(phi(r), r))*(diff(N(r), r))/phi(r)-(1/32)*mu^2*N(r)/phi(r)



diff(diff(phi(r), r), r)+2*(diff(phi(r), r))/r-(1/2)*(diff(phi(r), r))^2/phi(r)-8*(diff(N(r), r))^2*phi(r)/(omega*(1-2*G*M/r))






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