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Hello, I am getting the following output from maple: (-ln(lambda)-gamma-ln(k+b))/(k+b) . I have all variables (lambda, k, b) but not gamma and I am not sure what actually it is. I believe it is some kind of Gamma function but I cannot find any expressions for that. Ussually for gamma function I get something like GAMMA(x). Does someone know what this lower case gamma is?

I experience an issued with a 3d plot. This is my code and I get: "Warning, expecting only range variables [H[s], H[j]] in expression eq to be plotted but found name eq." as a return from Maple.


eq = c[1]-abs(H[s])^2*sigma^2/abs(H[j])^2;

c[1] := 2;

c[2] := 4;

sigma := 1;

tmp := plot3d(eq, H[s] = .1 .. 2, H[j] = 0 .. 5, view = 0 .. 8,

axes = boxed, labels = [H[s], H[j], P[j]],

filled = [style = surface, transparency = .2]); plots:-display(tmp, view = 0.1e-1 .. 8)

I have the following equality:(N*(P-p[th])/K+p[th])/(2+2*N*Gamma/K+(1+N*Gamma/K)^2/(N*(P-p[th])/K+p[th])) = p[th]/(2+1/p[th]).

How can I get the solution step by step? I have read the forums around and tried few of the tutors, but most of them are either for single variable or I have to specify values for the variables.

I have the following inequalty

GAMMA*sigma^2 < 1+2*sigma[H]^2*p[th]-2*K*(1+sigma[H]^2*p[th])/N, assuming all of the variables are positive.

How could I make a 3d plot with three axes for Г, K and N for example?

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