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These are questions asked by oggsait

Hi everyone, i want to draw 3d graphics of fractional solution with given by Mittag Leffler function in cantor sets. I want to see like this graphic. I added maple file. Thanks in advance.


Hi everybody, I want to find 

the second-order derivative according to alpha. Since the computer could not calculate in this way, I took the derivative twice in a row.

assume(alpha <= 1)

additionally(0 < alpha)

then output is

again using the fracdiff 

then output is 

but I want to see

after the last command. Should alpha be defined specifically for this?

Hi everyone how can I plot like a graphic? 

i want to plot

u(x,y,z,t)=tanh(x+y+z-wt),  (w is a constant)

could you help me please? 

The program was written in 2004 with maple 6. Now i'am working by maple 18. And i did'nt launch the program. painleve_test.zip

Thank you for your interest in advance.

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