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@acer Thank you very much for the job well done

@mmcdara I thank you very much for the job well done

@mmcdara Oh I'm very sorry. Your contribution have been very useful to me and the scientific community. I'm gonna get the new version soonest to handle the graphs. ***my question really is how to obtain the stationary points of the new matrixPP since the method you earlier use cannot handle that. Thanks

Thanks so far. I have re-evaluated the transtion martrix (PP). The graph obtained is given.
(1)The stationary values are to be obtained since the former method for 2 states cannot work for this
(2) The long term analysis and other statistical analysis are needed to be performed
The work sheet is attached below the graph


Thanks for your good effort so far. Questions
(1) Since the problem reduces to a two state problem. How can one predict/simulation which of the states will likely prevail or extinct?
(2) You proposed a method for the two state problem, what is the name of the analytical method?

@mmcdara Thank you very much for the effort.

@itsme thanks very much

@dharr Thanks very much. The code now runs well.
The last question is that how do i limit the colors of the parametric solution in the last graph to 4 colors only (Red, Blue, Black, Purple)

The sheet is attachedMal_simulation.mw

@Carl Love 
Thanks, i have balanced the parenthesis and still got an error
''Error, (in dsolve/numeric/DAE/make_proc) number of unknown functions and equations must match, got 14 functions {Ia, Ib, If, Ij, Ik, Il, Ima, Imo, Rm, Roc, Rom, Sa, Sb, Sm}, and 13 equations''
The sheet is attached.Mal_simulation.mw


@dharr thanks for your effort. One more thing,
Since "eigs := 3.482540032*10^(-7), -3.482540032*10^(-7)", I need to extract a table of results from the plot, which goes thus,
at "\betahh = 0, eigs = ?"
    "\betahh = 0.1.., eigs = ?"
    .................till \betahh = 1.., eigs = ?"

Please a table of results is needed

@acer I have properly corrected the series and included the parameter values for 2D plots attached

@acer oh I checked my book and discovered that the numerator was a mistake. It should be gamma (1).

@acer ok I got you better

(1) gamma 1 should take 1. (Gamma 1=1) and 

(2) tau should take 0.2 (tau= 0.2) 


@acer (1) Want i intend to do is for MAPLE to compute the gamma of the values obtained  (for instance, the gamma(1)=1, gamma(1/2)=root(Pi), etc.)
(2)  I first picked the value of tau to be tau=0.2. Also taking other values of tau to be 0.4 - 1.0 (that is, if tau ranges between 0.2 - 1.0)
(3) Again, I picked the value of gamma to be gamma=0.2. Also taking other values of gamma to be 0.4 - 1.0 (that is, gamma ranges between 0.2 - 1.0)
(4) I want a 2D Contour Plots
Thanks for your Concern and effort

@tomleslie Thanks for the detailed expanations and corrections of errors.
However, i still have some issues regarding the matrix  results plots of the parameters. I tried writing a code but it wasnt running, check

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