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So I followed the exact example as in the Maple help for "Matlab[evalM]" which is reproduced below (with my result, which is nearly identical to that in the help example)

I have Maple 13 and am having trouble using multiple cores.... My CPU AMD Phenom x945 has 4 cores....

I generated some code in an attempt to use more than 1 core. However, CPU usage is only at 25%.

N := 6000
M := RandomMatrix(N, generator = -.1 .. .1, density = 0.5e-1)
P := RandomMatrix(N, generator = -.1 .. .1, density = 0.5e-1)
Q := MatrixMatrixMultiply(M, P)
A = M+P

CPU usage is only at 25% suggesting only 1 core is used.

I am pretty new to Maple, but have used Matlab for a while....

I have a double for lop in my code that is slowing things down.....

I was thinking of speeding up the code with something like that below

NonDiagonal:= (n,m) → X(n,m) * (some function)

Diagonal:= (n)  → Y(n)*(some function)

DiagonalVector :=  seq(evalf(Diagonal(n-1)),n=1...N,1)

NonDiagonalMatrix := (not sure what to do here)

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