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These are questions asked by planetmknzm

Hi Dear All,


I need to extract the coordinates from spacecurve commend. For example;



Where, omega is a parameter difinening x, y, z.


Is there any one who knows what is behind of "PlanePlot"? How does it calculates the values below?

I would like to assign the values of basis vectors which are calculated by PlanePlot. Is there anyone who knows how to use them or how to imitate the command?

PlanePlot(z+tan(-Pi/2+alph||29)*(x*sin(-Pi/2+gam||29)-y*cos(-Pi/2+gam||29))=0, [x,y,z],showbasis):
normal vector: <-.2497, .7343e-1, 1.>
equation of plane: -.2497*x+.7343e-1*y+1.*z = 0.
point on plane nearest origin: <-0., 0., 0.>
basis vectors: <.7106e-1, .9959, -.5539e-1>, <.9678, -.5539e-1, .2457>

It looks like as below:

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