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Dear Community

I have a problem with units definition,I'm working with maple with kgf and tonf,

I read in help page this "A tonforce is defined  as the force of gravity on a short ton.......", so when I convert 1 tonf to kgf I get 907.18kgf,

I know this is OK, but since I don't use short ton in my country I would like to define in METRIC 1tonf = 1000kgf.

How can I do this? Here is a conversion table where it says 1tonf = 1000kgf (metric), not (short)


I read this forum  in which it says you have to extract units beforehand to plot.

The problem is that I have a lot of functions and I can't remove units by hand, so I wanted to use the command convert(........,unit_free) but  with no result

The function in the convert command is a piecewise. I upload the file



I don't know how to tell maple to approximate automatically all the results, for just not having to do right click->approximate

Thanks in advance!

I have this problem

I have to solve something like this

for i to 17 do

solucion[i] := solve({item3[i], item4[i]}, {x, y})

end do

and I obtain in the answer for example

solucion[1] =             {x=2,y=3}

solucion[2] =             {x=3,y=4}

and I would like to create a vector containing all the values for x and all the values for y like x[1]=2  x[2]=3 and so on


I have this problem:

I have two non linear equations with twos solutions (Ea and F in the picture)

I need the alpha that gives me the max Ea

How can I enter this in maple.

Thanks a lot!

I attach an image of the equations to be more specifyc

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