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These are questions asked by radaar


What is the default subinterval set in approximate int in Student[MultivariateCalculus] package? How can I change the subinterval number. Thank you.

Error, module member referencing is not supported in evalhf


What is the solution for this error. 

Also when I run job in command prompt I also getting following errors

Warning, the restart command only works at the top level. It cannot be executed within a procedure, or from a file being read by the read statement. 

But the same code runs fine in GUI.



What are the most efficient way to write and evaluate a procedure in maple? Thank you.

I am submitting a maple job written in vim editor through windows 10 command line. but no result is obtained.I found maple gui version hang most of the time. So i decided to submit through command line by writing codes using an editor. Thank you

Does maple has an in-built command for levy distribution? Thank you.

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