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These are questions asked by radaar

I am trying to solve a second order differential equation but getting error. The differential equation valid for r>0.



I am trying to solve system of differential equation as shown in file attached. The differentail eqaution has peicewise function for t=8*n and t not equal to 8*n where n is a positive integer. but i am getting error. please help.




Integral is not evaluated. 



In the first one I used hypergeometric function where the number is converged. Now using the series expansion of hypergeometric function I rewrite the equation as in the 2nd and 3rd case. But here it is not converging. I expect the same answer as in the first case i.e 0.14042. Thank you



In the following problem at two example are given. For Z=2 the sum is converging whereas at Z=4 it is not converging. Thank you



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