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These are questions asked by radaar

I found that numerical integration of maple is a bit slow in many cases. Is there any external library for integration in maple. Please write how to use it as well. Thank you.

In the following case evalhf Int not working. Please help



I need to convert a maple code into a clickable user interface one. How to do it?. Thank you.


What is the default subinterval set in approximate int in Student[MultivariateCalculus] package? How can I change the subinterval number. Thank you.

Error, module member referencing is not supported in evalhf


What is the solution for this error. 

Also when I run job in command prompt I also getting following errors

Warning, the restart command only works at the top level. It cannot be executed within a procedure, or from a file being read by the read statement. 

But the same code runs fine in GUI.



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