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@acer @mmcdara

I have uploaded it (see original post)

Thank you both a lot for your answers!

@acer @Rouben Rostamian Thank you both! 

A follow up questsion: I thought it would be easy to implement that, but I again encounter some problems. 

I wanted to include in the animation a plot which is later animated. (it is not a proc.) 

The animated plot (p1) should also only be visible during a certain time frame (0 to 0.5 for example), I tried to do it like this: animate(display, [`if`(t < 0, F2(t), display(F1(t), F3(t), p1(t))), scaling = constrained], t = -0.5 .. 0.5, frames = 140), but I get an error message. 

Do you know how to solve this? Please find the file attached at the bottom.

Thank you!

@acer I am sure it works but i cannot find the mistake. I get the error message 

Error, invalid input: `if` expects 3 arguments, but received 4

@acer thank you! 

is it possible to animate two balls after time 0?

for example:

F1(t) from -1 to 0 

F2(t) and F3(t) from 0 to 1 

(F3 would be the same as F2(t) but with: "...pos:=[ eval(x(t)+2, sol1)(tau),  eval(z(t)+2, sol1)(tau)]:...")        

thank you guys a lot this worked just fine!!


thank you a lot for your hint!

To be honest I am quite new to maple and I struggel sometimes a little bit. 

I'll try to put in writing what you suggested

What I wantet to show is the 2d animation not only with the ball moving in x,z direction but also rotating around its own axis. 

For example when you roll a ball down a surface you also want to include the rolling movement and not only the movement in x an z. 

Hope this clarifies my question. 


Thank you - sorry for that and for the inconvenience! 

I ll do that next time

this helped me a lot

@acer Thank you again a lot (both of you)!

Do you know how I can now process the Result without taking the Time t always with me?, For example multiplying the 22.006 with two. 

Tank you

@acer thanks a lot!

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