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Hi everyone 

I am trying to solve the following problem. I want to evaluate the time when the function Sx(t) drops (the last vertical drop at about 0.45 sec) 

The minimize command doesnt work because the function slightly deacreases afterwards but I am interested in the drop. For a miniization (evaluate the relevant time). I do it as follows:

Does anyone have an idea how to evaluete the time of drop? Is there an other command than minimize to solve this? 

Thanks in advance!

Hi Everyone 

I want to to an iteration of an expression with 100 steps. To be honest I have no idea how to handle this in maple. I also didnt find much infomation on 

The expression i want to iterate looks like this: 

Has someone an idea how to do this?

Thanks in advance!

Hi everyone 

I have a question regarding an animation. The maple file is attached at the bottom. (parts of it are from tomleslie 12910

I have two spheres which move and rotate over time. Now I would like to show one ball at a certain time and the other one at a certain time and not both over the whole animation.

For example:

x1 should only be shown and visible from time -1 to 0 

x2  should only be shown and visible from time 0 to 1 

Because I want to show a kind of transition from x1 to x2 at the time 0 i cannot just start one animation at -1 and the other at 0 because then they would run at the sime time which is not the goal. 

has anyone an idea?

Thanks in advance!

Hi everyone, I have a question regarding the time in a plot.

The idea behind is, that i dont have to adjust the time after every change of parameters.

I have a function that only is valid until a certain time. I evaluete the time until cut off for example like this:

tempLrest := Optimization:-Minimize(tempLrest(t), t = 0 .. 2);
              tempLrest := [2.47883089786094 10^-8  , [t = 0.414486068771508]]

cutoff := tempLrest[2];

Now i want to call "cutoff" in an odeplot like this: 

odeplot(sol1, [t, z(t)], 0 ..cutoff , size = [300, 300])

unfortunately this doesnt work. 

Does everyone know how to solve this problem?

Thank you in advance!

Hi everyone 

I have a problem regarding the animation of a flying ball. 

I get the coordinates and rotation in rad/s out of differential equations. Now I want to show the movement of the ball including the rotation in an animation. 

With just the coordinates it works just fine, but when I try do add the rotation the error message "number of elements in lust must be a multiple of 2" appears

I would be grateful for some advice. Thank you in advance.

I added my file, hope it helps.

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