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Hi everybody,

I am presently developing a MAPLE-based application and I need to trace its evolutions through a “version control process”.
For codes written in other languages I use to use GIT (it acts with text files and it has syntactic coloring for different languages).

I suspect the development teams routinely face this version control issue.
Could you advise me,  on the versioning tools you use ?

Great thanks in advance

Hi everybody,

I use a maplet that contains a DropDownBox named DDB.
This DropDownBox has a list named MyList
I want to replace MyList by a new list named MyNewList

The syntax given in the Maplets[DropDownBox] help page is
Maplets :-Tools :-Set(DDB(itemlist)=MyNewList)

This command returns the error
error in Set, invalid option for  ‘DDB(itemlist)’  ….

Is it a bug or some misuse (in the help page the “itemlist” option is written itemlist* : what is the meaning of this “*” ?)

As always any answer will be greatly appreciated.

Hi everybody,

I am used to using  the DocumentTools :-RunWorksheet command and I am confronted with the following problem :

  • My worksheet is deemed to generate a plot in a png file
    > plotsetup(png, plotoutput=MyFile, …)
    > plot( …)

    But MyFile is not created
  • Thinking that the mw file launched by  DocumentTools :-RunWorksheet is seen as a procedure, I have thought that print(plot(…)) would fix the issue.
    Unfortunately the png file is still not created (same behavior with a jpeg file)

I know that  DocumentTools :-RunWorksheet is “experimental” but I wonder if I am doing something wrong or if DocumentTools :-RunWorksheet simply does not support plots ?

Thanks in advance

Hi everybody,

My worksheet begins with these two instructions (this is a notional example)
Digits := 25:
interface(displayprecision = 5):

Then the instruction  evalf(1/3+x/6)  returns  0.33333+0.16667x … which is what I had expected.

I now  want to do a formatted print of  evalf(1/3+x/6)  in some file.
Unfortunately the command  

 fprintf(fd, "%a\n", evalf(1/3+x/6)) 

generates a print with the full digits precision (0.333…..33 with 25 "3" for instance).

How could I force fprintf to print the floating point numbers with the number of digits set by interface(displayprecision = 5) ?
(PS : for now I have written some kind of “white elephant” stuff which works well only for very simple algebraic expressions)

Any suggestion or answer will be greatly appreciated



Hi everybody,

I face the following problem :
I develop a Maple simulation code with its own maplets-based interface, and I would like to draw up an "execution report" that presents many informations in a smart and synthetic way :

  1. a summary of the data the user provided through the interface (numerical values, files, ...)
  2. the results of some preliminary operations (ie. the construction of the equations to solve)
  3. some plots of the numerical solution (typically of an ode system)

This execution report should mix texts, plots, charts, ...
At least, I would like the report to be written in LaTeX.

I use to use the software R which provides some facilities to build reports of this kind  (packages knitr or Sweave for those who would know) , and I am wondering if there exists something comparable in Maple ?
Could the DocumentTools package (I know by name only) help me ?
More generally, if you were faced with such a problem, how would you deal with it?

As always any suggestion or advice will be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance

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