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Hi there,

I am basically using MapleSim to obtain the equations of motion for mechanical systems and copy

pasting them into a separate Maple document and solvng them numerically. I could work with simple pendulum

and a two link manipulator. But in the case of a four bar mechansism since the system is a closed chain the

number of unknowns ended up being more than the number of equations. In this case, the joint reaction forces

came into play as unknowns. I know MapleSim intelligently does index reduction and solves these equations. But

Hi there,

My name is Sasi Bhushan Beera. I am Graduate Student in Mechancal engineering at UB.

I have been working on dynamics of mechanical systems for my research. What I intended to do

was to obtain equations of motion using MapleSim and copy paste them in a seperate document

folder and solve them numerically. Considering the case of a Simple pendulum, I was successful

in doing all this but I had problems with animation of the pendulum.I need some help with the animation

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